The tenderness of animals in Danguole Serstinskaja

Many of the artists who portray animals have a strictly relationship with them, it’s inevitable. Some of them love to represent the animal in its natural habitat, others concentrate theirselves on the predominant subject with all its characteristics and yet others mostly depict their best friends. But there’s one thing who can connect all the animal artists: the passion for animals is the only reason why they dedicate their entire art to them. One of those artists committed to animal care is Danguole Serstinskaja. Her art ranges from pet to wildlife portraits, in which you always feel the tenderness, the love and the emotion she puts in creating them. In her wildlife art, we are struck by many emotional images she chose to represent, as the tiger who is anxiously waiting for the spring among the snow or a mother monkey with her cub, who’s ready to learn everything at the jungle school.

The peculiarity of her art is that she doesn’t give life to her portraits like mere illustrations, but you can perceive the personality of the painted animal. She’s an expert breeder of chihuahuas and she said that she wasn’t ever able to find two of them with the same temper and this thing is absolutely expressed and easily perceived through her artworks. That’s why she dedicated an entire series to chihuahuas, depicting many of hers and others of her friends and breeders, and we can’t really help but love every sweet and smarty little snouts she portraited.

She mostly uses an uncommon technique, the dry brush oil on paper, which allows her to give to her artworks a strong contrast despite using soft touches, making them well defined and delicate at once. Her technical ability enables her to achieve the same high level and visual impact both in greyscale and colored paintings.

“Due to my relationship with animals, my artistic aim is to express their characters, expressions, souls, specific poses and all the details. I have been surrounded by lush and untouched nature of Lithuania since childhood, I have decades of experience in bringing up various animals, training and breeding dogs. All of this has transferred into my artistic aspirations.”

– Danguole Serstinskaja



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