The softness in Tammy Liu Haller’s art

Every artist has his or her personal “touch”: many times we can recognize an artist just by looking at his or her artworks. Some can say, in a movement like Hyperrealism where the ultimate aim is to make an artwork resemble a photo, that a personal style cannot exist. Well, this is absolutely not true. Take all the Hyperrealists who draw. Everyone has his or her favourite tools, pencils with different contrasts, a favourite balance of chiaroscuro. The artworks of Tammy Liu-Haller, for example, are characterized by delicate lights and shadows, with a predominance of grey tones and a linear and clear drawing. This unique style can be found in every subject she decides to create, from portraits to landscapes.

She’s a very skillful drawer who started her path almost by chance, drawing a family tree as a gift for friends. An amazing escalation that has brought her to become a full-time artist now. Her works are identified by a unique delicacy and elegance in the use of graphite. Patience and precision are at the center of Tammy Liu-Haller’s art, that is focused principally on the world of animals and nature. The chiaroscuro in her works is the result of a multitude of pencil touches: you can clearly see the meticulous labour in every little part of the artwork, without ever overdoing with the contrasts, giving an almost lithographic effect. In the upcoming year, you can expect to see her subject matter expand as she experiments with more complex compositions.

“I have identified the highly detailed style I like to work in. My next step is to incorporate other elements into my work, to make each piece more creative and interesting”.

– Tammy Liu Haller



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