The psychological side in Sebastian Nasta’s portraits

There are painters that make of an element his or her distinctive sign, highlighting the leitmotif of their own art, and Sebastian Nasta, Romanian painter, is absolutely one of the more brilliant in doing that.

He creates beautiful portraits, most of all female ones, wrapping his models with gold aluminum paper. This element, in addition to being very impactful and recognizable, it has also a symbolic meaning: in fact, as Sebastian says in his own words, the gold aluminum foil represents a sentiment of protection.

The psychological side in the art of Sebastian Nasta is clearly visible in his current research, above all in some of his most recent artworks, in which he mixes realism and abstractionism together, creating paintings with a strong and original artistic contrast and where the model’s face loses itself in colors, as a colored fluid where the form becomes inconsistent and vanish into an infinite and unconscious reality.

“I consider that the first-aid foil is an appropriate element for illustrating the illusory defence system available to humans, regardless of culture or society. The oscillation between what is visible and what is concealed, between the known and the unknown recalls the Freudian psychoanalytic opposition between the conscious and the unconscious.
I can, therefore, say that in my paintings, the visible part of the portrait represents the conscious, while the unconscious is transposed into a hidden, covered up part of the portrait, even when it is abstractly executed.”

– Sebastian Nasta



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  • Veronica November 29, 2021 at 7:33 PM

    Amazing artist !!!blow minding !!!🤍


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