The Power of Art

Since time immemorial, there are a lot of ways to make art: someone loves to paint beautiful or sensual figures, someone else paints eternal and peaceful landscapes. But there are also some artists that want to use their talent to spread some social messages, perhaps provocative and strong, as a way to sensitise people towards those themes.
Hyperrealism has also this type of “social artists”.


Austrian painter Gottfried Helnwein is one of the most famous artists who paints enormous children paintings against cruelty of war and violence on children.

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Denis Peterson, american artist,who wants to bring people’s attention on the social outcasts, the homeless, portraying them in their daily habits.

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An Italian artist, Giovanni Iudice, wants to make aware people about one of the most current theme: immigrants.

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Another Italian artist, one of the youngest among Hyperrealists, Donatella Marcatajo, who make paintings about violence on women.


And, the last but not the least, Brazilian artist, Fabio Magalheaes, and his disturbing paintings who wants to instill a need to freedom.

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Oscar Wilde said: “All art is quite useless”, but in this way we could affirm the contrary!

S. Dedalus 

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