The naturalistic portraits of Michael Weiss

Giving a personality to the nature, portraying trees like people… This is what a painter can often do. In the Hyperrealism era, the German painter Michael Weiß creates outstanding tree paintings so detailed they look like true photographs.

But it doesn’t end with a photographic representation. He is able to portray them so meticulously, giving each of them a uniqueness: in fact you can well distinguish each portrayed tree, as if they really have a soul that Weiß ably captures with his high artistic and technical talent.

Weiß handles trees like people by putting them at the center of the scene, focusing on their close-up, just as a painter usually does with a face, by capturing particular expressions and characteristics of the portrayed person to highlight his or her personality. In fact, the paintings of Michael Weiß look not like simple landscapes but they can be defined as por-traits, portraits of trees, trees that are in pose like models in the middle of a nice landscape around just as a frame.

In Weiß’ paintings the light is focused on the chosen tree, while the background is purposely darkened and va-gue. He puts his tree “on stage”, like it was an actor on the stage of a theatre ready to tell his own particular and unique story. This view of nature is so poetic that it makes us ask our-selves what could the tree tell us if it had the possibility to speak with us, how many eras he’s seen, what it’s been through… It’s the mysterious and mystic charme of the old trees and Michael Weiß has definitely caught it in painting.

“I suppose one could say a portrait can be treated like a micro-landscape. Perhaps I even subconsciously do.”

– Michael Weiss



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  • saikumar August 24, 2020 at 7:24 AM

    what an amazing art work. nature is seen speaking.


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