The Hyper-Pop Art of Paola Boni

Paola Boni is an Italian based artist that uses action figures, toys and comics mixed with consumer objects like candies, chips bag, chewing gums, yogurt pots and so on… giving life to impactful and colorful hyperrealistic paintings.

Her peculiarity is the way she puts together these objects: she doesn’t create just an original still-life composition, but she gives life to surreal worlds where characters acquire an identity, interacting with all the objects around. She gives a different and separate vision of subjects, with toys that are protagonists with dynamic and living poses, and we feel them like real people of that imaginary world, in contrast with the other objects that are represented like immobile and inanimate parts of that world which the protagonists benefit.

“I’m a hyper realistic painter attracted by abandoned objects that become my subjects like, for example, candy cards, bottles, pasta box.. Moreover, I really like to immerse myself in the fantasy world of stories, comics… their light-ness and at the same time their immediacy. This is how, by combining oil and acrylic, consumer objects and fantastic stories, I show my expression.
Painting and creating another reality allowed me to overcome serious health problems. When I paint, like when I’m with my dogs, I’m in a “other” world ma-de of immediacy, happiness, spontaneity, where all the superstructures
collapse and I can be in contact with that part of myself that has been hid-den for a while and can now come out in the form of color, details and har-mony. That’s how I paint: with all of myself…”

Paola Boni

Paola Boni is a part of the group show “Hyperrealism: Towards New Ways” at Copro Gallery (CA) July 13 – August 3.



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