The Hong Kong tradition in Jackson Lee

Jackson Lee is a Hong Kong based artist whose aim is to show his city “in a better light” through his artistic talent. He is a very skilful painter, able to use acrylic and oil colors with great mastery, achieving the same high level of realism with both of them. His work is focused prevalently on the old Hong Kong, made of stilts, fisherman villages and old crafts, scenarios where time seems to stand away from the hectic pace of the modern city we know nowadays.

Lee tries to preserve the part of Hong Kong that is slowly disappearing, leaving the place to modern buildings and skyscrapers. He wants his art to be a memory of the past if all this will be totally demolished and he defends it for the ones who come. He tries to talk about the theme of urbanization and the negative side of progress, who is also able to invade the peace of those quiet and distinctive villages that Jackson proudly reproduces in his paintings. He’s able to bring to light the human side, the positive energy of the labourous people that are still carrying on traditional and strenous jobs. He does it by showing the hard work of people involved in their everyday jobs in which they’re making an effort with a very good will and determination.
In each of his paintings you can vividly perceive the “Never give up” spirit, that is also his mantra in life.

“As a native born Hong Kong artist, I have experienced challenges and hardships. The artistic path is tough and lonely. I have to pursue my dream with persistence, perseverance, resilience and passion. All these elements are reflected in my artworks”.

– Jackson Lee



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