The fair beauty in Sergey Piskunov’s art

Since Humanism, the female gender has been the most recurring subject in art and literature. Even today, in the era of Hyperrealism, numerous painters look to women as the favorite subject of their works. Often, female beauty is a means of expressing concepts, stories, imaginations, there are several painters and women painters who use women as a vector to tell their stories.

An artist who portrays women in their pure essence is
undoubtedly Sergey Piskunov. The first thing that comes to mind admiring his subjects is freedom of expression: his women are free to express themselves as they want, in their sensuality, in their lightness, even in playfulness.

We find amused women who wink at us with their routine beauty masks, women caught in a moment of relaxation alone in the pool, and women lost in their thoughts… In addition to the incredible technical capacity of these perfect hyperrealistic paintings, the predominant thing in Piskunov’s art is always female beauty, told on tiptoe, always leaving the woman’s freedom to express herself and be whoever she wants at the center.

“The main thing in portraiture
is to convey the feeling of fleetingness,

so that when the viewer looks at the painting, he has a feeling
that the moment is captured.”

– Sergey Piskunov



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  • tbusby September 26, 2020 at 3:40 AM

    Brilliant work!


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