The Art of Illustration of Fernando Ferreiro

We can define the illustration as a unique interpretation of the world seen by the eyes of the artist. Illustrators have the extraordinary capacity to visualize an image in their head that can explain any concept. This is just what many of the most famous illustrators of all time did.

Also today the worlds of illustration and advertising are often strictly related. Fernando Ferreiro knows that very well: he’s an extraordinary and multifaceted artist who master many kinds of techniques in the field of illustration. He’s able to make extremely detailed portraits and animal portraits, often on commission, but also editorial or marketing advertising for campaigns, design brands, events or products.

Following the modern times, he masters not only the traditional techiniques of pastels and pencils, but also the digital ones, varying every kind of themes, from fantasy to industrial art. His mantra is “never stop learning” and we can only admire him for his versatility.

“Digital art is inevitable nowadays. A truly professional illustrator can´t be closed to digital tools. It´s the present and the future. I think each artist should find a balance between digital and traditional tools, like me; I use the computer for working in my professional commissions and pencils for my personal work. Both are perfectly compatible.”

– Fernando Ferreiro



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