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The softness in Tammy Liu Haller’s art

Every artist has his or her personal “touch”: many times we can recognize an artist just by looking at his or her artworks. Some can say, in a movement like Hyperrealism where the ultimate aim is to make an artwork resemble a photo, that a personal style cannot exist. Well, this is absolutely not true. Take all the Hyperrealists who…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #7 – June issue

We open this fantastic number with an exclusive content, our first live coverage event in occasion of the Venice Biennale: the exhibition at Giardini della Marinaressa where we met Carole Feuerman and her breathtaking sculptures! We finally reveal all the fantastic artists who will be present at the July exhibition in collaboration with Copro Gallery and we’ve been so lucky…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #5 – December issue

This is the last issue of 2018 and it marks the closing of our first year with Hyperrealism Magazine.  We take this opportunity to thank all of you who supported and still continue to support us in this incredible year, we want to thank all the amazing artists who have been featured in these five issues and we’re so happy…

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