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The haunted fairytales in Lesley Thiel’s art

From the so called, l’Art Pompier of William A. Bouguerau, characterized by symbols of innocence and purity and of the fanciful and idyllic world, and the art of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement, with their attentive study and reproduction of nature and the symbolic stories, takes inspiration the art of the contemporary talented painter Lesley Thiel. Even if those movements were different…

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Stephanie Schechter: the symbolism around us

Every day we go out among the streets, full of people, shops, cars, buildings… an infinity of details to which we don’t pay attention due to habit. But if we could stop and watch around us we could discover a lot of precious meanings in things we don’t even imagine. For example: think to a particular street in your hometown…

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The Importance of Being Alternative

“Alternative Realism Project” is an original idea by Hyperrealism Magazine. © Photorealism, as we know, was born at the end of 60’s in US and has recently turned 50. This movement has broken the rules of the XX century’s art, bringing back the realism in the modern era and depicting a well-placed historic period. In this way, following the Pop…

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