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The naturalistic portraits of Michael Weiss

Giving a personality to the nature, portraying trees like people… This is what a painter can often do. In the Hyperrealism era, the German painter Michael Weiß creates outstanding tree paintings so detailed they look like true photographs. But it doesn’t end with a photographic representation. He is able to portray them so meticulously, giving each of them a uniqueness:…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #9 – December 2019

Hello everyone and enjoy your Holidays! As a present this year, we’re thrilled to present you this fantastic new issue of Hyperrealism Magazine!!! As usual, there are interviews with outstanding talented artists of whom you can deepen their art, such as Daniel Brici and his amazing “incomplete” paintings inspired by neglected Romanian children and the social and political aspects around…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #7 – June issue

We open this fantastic number with an exclusive content, our first live coverage event in occasion of the Venice Biennale: the exhibition at Giardini della Marinaressa where we met Carole Feuerman and her breathtaking sculptures! We finally reveal all the fantastic artists who will be present at the July exhibition in collaboration with Copro Gallery and we’ve been so lucky…

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