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Alex Devereux & the fascination of lights

The first and the last lights of the day have always a particular fascination on everyone of us, to which we can’t ever be indifferent. And artists are par excellence the most sensible to this kind of attractions: many times a typical kind of light can totally change an object or a scene and the perception of it, like in…

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The fascination of Italian cities by David V Wheeler

Cityscapes have always been a classic theme for painters throughout art history, but it’s so fascinating to see how the theme has evolved and is being reinterpreted in modern times. Before the invention of photography, painters with their unique artistic abilities were the prime creators of images that captured specific scenes from the era in which they lived. Contemporary realist…

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Amazing Danish cityscapes by Daniel Goldenberg

Daniel Goldenberg is a Danish-based artist who creates amazing hyperrealistic cityscapes. In his artworks you can see the beauty of every day city life, fleeting moments crystallized and made immortal in a work of art. All the scenes painted have a close viewpoint, in this way, by observing the artwork, one have the impression to find itself inside the scenario, the…

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