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Hyperrealism Magazine no.19 – June 2022

Another amazing Hyperrealism Magazine issue is now OUT!!! INSIDE 19 Cover artist: Jean-Luc Panek Featured artists: Allan Gorman, Dani Brici, Elaine Twiss, Sinziana Iordache, Jacques Bodin, Rogerio Peixoto, Chris Forrest, Anne Moses, Stephanie Schechter, Bernard Prillieux, Cher Pruys, Sergey Piskunov, Carole Feuerman. Tea with… Jean-Luc Panek Back cover: Ceci n’est pas un corps, collective exhibition in Lyon, featuring Carole Feuerman Language: EnglishFrequency: QuarterlyPages: 124 <

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Hyperrealism Magazine no.18 – March 2022

INSIDE 18 Cover artist: Rogerio Peixoto Featured artists: Sergey Piskunov, Jean-Luc Panek, Shan Fannin, Hollie McKenzie, Chris Forrest, Anne Moses, Stephanie Schechter, Bernard Prillieux, Jacques Bodin, Kiara Peelman, Sinziana Iordache, Cher Pruys, Christoph Eberle, Dani Brici, Elaine Twiss. Tea with… Rogerio Peixoto Back cover: Sergey Piskunov Language: EnglishFrequency: QuarterlyPages: 108 Digital and printed version are now out at a special price! PURCHASE NOW: SHOP Previous issues: ISSUE17 ISSUE16 ISSUE15 ISSUE14 ISSUE13 ISSUE12 ISSUE11 ISSUE10 ISSUE9 ISSUE8 ISSUE7 ISSUE6 ISSUE5 ISSUE4 ISSUE3 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 1 <

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Hyperrealism Magazine no.17 – December issue

Are you ready to read our December issue during your Holidays? You will be amazed by all these wonderful works! Let’s talk in detail about what you’re going to find out! On our overture article we introduced an unmisseable event that is currently on view at Forum Gallery in New York: Alyssa Monks‘s solo exhibition “It’s All Under Control“! A resounding beginning,…

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