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Hyperrealism Magazine #3

The third issue of Hyperrealism Magazine is finally here! We’re so excited to share with you all the amazing contents of this issue. We’ve been so lucky to talk with Frank Bernarducci, one of the most important art dealer in the Hyperrealism Art field and owner of the most famous Bernarducci Gallery, inaugurating our new and exclusive section “The Dealer’s…

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Jan Nelson: artists are “Re-Born”

Jan Nelson is an American painter with an artistic path really out of the ordinary. He began his career in the 70s, reaching the highest levels, and meeting Don Eddy, who became mentor and friend to him. Shortly thereafter, the vicissitudes of life interrupted his artistic career, but his passion never stopped and led him to take up the artistic discourse he began many years earlier. From another age, and with a completely different artistic scenario, thanks to his innate talent, he returns to the top of the scene in contemporary realism, collecting great satisfactions. His works are strictly related to his personal life and point of view: subjects as piles…

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Hyper Mag 2

The second amazing issue of Hyperrealism Magazine is finally out! In this one we have had the opportunity to talk with Eloy Morales about his art and his recent experience as a protagonist of a beautiful docufilm; Antonio Cazorla launches an important message to emerging artists and gives us some sneak-peek on his next solo exhibition at the Bernarducci Gallery.…

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