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Daniel Brici and the words of children left unspoken

Art is a powerful means of awakening people’s dormant consciences and drawing attention to important issues. Whenever we talk about serious social problems, we talk about children, the weakest ones, the most innocent ones, those whose future is stolen, and artists are always on the front lines to defend their rights. The young Romanian artist Daniel Brici is committed to…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #10 – March 2020

Hello there! Even though we are currently experiencing dark times all over the world, we want to maintain positivity to combat growing anxiety and we must focus on the fact that our normalcy will return soon, everything will be fine in the end, and when all this is behind us, we will have to look at our lives with a…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #9 – December 2019

Hello everyone and enjoy your Holidays! As a present this year, we’re thrilled to present you this fantastic new issue of Hyperrealism Magazine!!! As usual, there are interviews with outstanding talented artists of whom you can deepen their art, such as Daniel Brici and his amazing “incomplete” paintings inspired by neglected Romanian children and the social and political aspects around…

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