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Daniel Brici and the words of children left unspoken

Art is a powerful means of awakening people’s dormant consciences and drawing attention to important issues. Whenever we talk about serious social problems, we talk about children, the weakest ones, the most innocent ones, those whose future is stolen, and artists are always on the front lines to defend their rights. The young Romanian artist Daniel Brici is committed to…

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Hyperrealism Towards New Ways Exhibition @ Copro Gallery

Our co-curated exhibition with Copro Gallery from July 13 to August 3. Our first co-curated exhibition in collaboration with Copro Gallery. The aim of this show is to start a discourse about the changing of Hyperrealism nowadays, towards different visions, ways of interpretation, themes and concepts, leading a fresh new vision of Contemporary Realism. All Artists Jeff BartelsAlex DevereuxLew Brennan¬†Carina…

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Hyperrealism Magazine – SPECIAL!

We all know, Hyperrealism has changed the way of painting. From ’60s of the last century, it totally broke the usual concept of making art and it became always more popular among people, thanks to the extraordinary technique and the common themes. Now, with the web is even more and more spread all over the world and we just realized…

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