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The softness in Tammy Liu Haller’s art

Every artist has his or her personal “touch”: many times we can recognize an artist just by looking at his or her artworks. Some can say, in a movement like Hyperrealism where the ultimate aim is to make an artwork resemble a photo, that a personal style cannot exist. Well, this is absolutely not true. Take all the Hyperrealists who…

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The tenderness of animals in Danguole Serstinskaja

Many of the artists who portray animals have a strictly relationship with them, it’s inevitable. Some of them love to represent the animal in its natural habitat, others concentrate theirselves on the predominant subject with all its characteristics and yet others mostly depict their best friends. But there’s one thing who can connect all the animal artists: the passion for…

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Free nature of Christophe Drochon

Christophe Drochon is a French-based artist, and he’s one of the most skilled painters in the hyperrealistic animal painting. He realizes incredibly detailed animal portraits, but, as he told us in the interview for the first issue of Hyperrealism Magazine, in his paintings, the animal and the scenery are often used as symbols to express his ideas and to illustrate…

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