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Hyperrealism Magazine no.21 – December issue

We feel compelled to open this new issue with a sensitive and moving invocation by our Ukrainian cover artist Sergey Piskunov: “I ask you not to get used to what is happening in Ukraine, not to get used to the idea that war is something ordinary.” Indeed, war is not something ordinary in any place of this earth and in…

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Hyperrealism Magazine no.20 – September 2022

Here it is! The fantastic new issue of Hyperrealism Magazine is finally out, featuring so many amazing artists! Take a look at it! INSIDE 20 Cover artist: Cher Pruys Featured artists: Anne Moses, Christophe Drochon, Allan Gorman, Tracy Frein, Sergey Piskunov, Cher Pruys, Bernard Prillieux, Elaine Twiss, Jacques Bodin, Rogerio Peixoto, Stephanie Schechter, Dani Brici. Tea with… Cher Pruys Back…

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Hyperrealism Magazine no.19 – June 2022

Another amazing Hyperrealism Magazine issue is now OUT!!! INSIDE 19 Cover artist: Jean-Luc Panek Featured artists: Allan Gorman, Dani Brici, Elaine Twiss, Sinziana Iordache, Jacques Bodin, Rogerio Peixoto, Chris Forrest, Anne Moses, Stephanie Schechter, Bernard Prillieux, Cher Pruys, Sergey Piskunov, Carole Feuerman. Tea with… Jean-Luc Panek Back cover: Ceci n’est pas un corps, collective exhibition in Lyon, featuring Carole Feuerman Language: EnglishFrequency: QuarterlyPages: 124 <

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