Stephanie Schechter: the symbolism around us

Every day we go out among the streets, full of people, shops, cars, buildings… an infinity of details to which we don’t pay attention due to habit. But if we could stop and watch around us we could discover a lot of precious meanings in things we don’t even imagine. For example: think to a particular street in your hometown where there’s an historic old shop that has become a landmark of the area, give a look to its shop sign and you’ll immediately realize that that’s a symbol actually. Neon lights, cinema or theatre marquee, colourful writings on shop windows are a freeze frame of the times we’re living and they become a symbolic feature.
Stephanie Schechter has a real vocation for those little details of the city.
Through all the emblematic signs, we can discover places that belong to our past or some that are still a part of our lives. With a single shop or cinema sign, the painter is able to arouse our memories.

She dedicates her art to the everyday man-made world where threedimensional and showy signage captures her attention more than anything else. Her minimal artworks evoke instant emotions and introspecting thoughts; they make you realize that we are surrounded by words, and words are like water, able to change their form and meaning depending on the mind who catches them.

So, you can feel many different feelings by reading, for example, the word “Apex” or coming across a signboard who says “The Best“…
Schechter’s art is very aesthetic and enigmatic at once; she is very skillful in reaching this wellcalibrated blend, giving life to works that remain etched in our mind. Every sign can really open a brand new and personal world in everyone’s thoughts.

“To me, a sign can embody a lot of meaning: history, community, commerce, impermanence, obsolescence. I am also taken by the sculptural beauty of signs and strive to pay homage to the craftsmanship and artistry of the sign maker. I’ve come to think of my paintings as portraits, even though my subjects are inanimate objects. With each my paintings, I’m trying to visually articulate to the viewer what I find beautiful or poignant about a particular sign.”

– Stephanie Schechter



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