Social Art by James Earley

James Earley uses his talent for social aims. Many of his paintings represent common scenes of street took from many parts of the world, but you will not see any beautiful square, no architectures, no tourists walking happy or while make selfies… In fact, his subjects are always vulnerable people, those people in difficulty that everybody can find everywhere but often invisible by the eye of a society always too busy and in a rush. He focuses his art prevalently on two kinds of people: Homeless and War Victims.

James aims to shake viewers with direct and clear images that show all the pain of subjects he portrays. He’s able to do it thanks to the particular working process that precedes the creation of each of his artworks: in fact he always meets the person he intends to paint, engaging a conversation and establishing an emotive connection with that person, being able to make emerge his or her true personality through his brushstokes. Sadly, we’re living a terrifying war also today, maybe the most awful of our time: the Syrian conflict. So, Earley decides to paint the resulting refugee crisis through the eyes of the ones who are living it on their flesh, describing us this devastating reality.

“I want my art to scream about the problems in the world today, I want to help make the invisible visible, I want people to react. An image has more power than anything that I know. I want my art to grab people, to shake people, to make people question the issues in the world today.”

– James Earley



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