Robin Eley goes beyond Hyperrealism

LA based artist Robin Eley never ceases to amaze with his surprising works that take contemporary realism to another level each time. In his last project he’s collaborating with the NY fashion photographer Max Papendieck and the Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld for a very unique show: Robin works on large scale printed photographs made by Max and with Daphne as the subject, filtering them through his painting and giving life to some very cool illusory effects.

The project is called mp*re and the first exhibition will open in Beverly Hills on May 30 with the aim to help raise money for the Ocean Conservancy.

Robin Eley will be on the cover of our June issue with an amazing piece from the mp*re series and he will be present also with an exclusive and very interesting interview about all his last projects.

Here is an excerpt:

My latest project is a conversation in process and context. Max and I go way back, we grew up on the same street in South Australia. Now we live on opposite sides of the country (Max in New York, me in LA) and we thought it would be interesting to express our history in an artistic form. Max is one of New York’s top fashion photographers and he has photographed model Daphne Groeneveld. These photographs are printed at super scale, mounted and sent to my studio in LA. For me, it is not Daphne who becomes my subject, but notion of the printed photograph itself. I use paint to distort and destroy Max’s photographs by painting trompe-l’oeil effects of rips and tears. These are not figurative paintings, they are essentially paintings of pieces of paper, that happen to have a figure printed on them. The idea is to capture both the stylistic transience and cultural permanence of fashion and the model. For her part, Daphne has essentially donated her likeness to the project to benefit her favorite charity: Ocean Conservancy. Through this exhibition we are attempted to raise $50,000 for the non profit.


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