Photorealism by Erwin Moore

The realism field is ever more expanded and full of styles and different techniques. Today, many artists follow their own personal process to achieve a realistic result, by diverging from the working phases of the classical realism.

Erwin Moore creates his hyperrealistic oil on canvas, by mixing together various styles with his strong brush strokes. He plays with lights and shadows putting in his works a moltitude of elements well harmonised in the totality of the image with several layers of trasparencies and soft tones overlapped. Erwin uses colors much contrasted and separated each other. He markedly defines the figures by splitting them in many parts that give an almost impressionist result in the close up, but you clearly see a realistic scene by getting away and watching at the artwork entirely. You can lose your eye in the variety of touches and forms that meet and clash each other giving life magically to fascinating realistic paintings.

I paint what I value in life, painting is my passion, I don’t see myself putting aside my brushes and canvas broad.

– Erwin Moore



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