Never Give Up


Never Give Up” is a boost: you don’t have to stop because of obstacles, you must build your fate believing in your own. 

In every era, being an artist is always a hard direction and today maybe the hardest. You have to struggle every day, searching for good opportunities, looking for the success that seems never come. Nobody says how to become a successfull artist, there’s no a standard method, everybody has its way, this is the unique truth.
One thing is sure: be a painter is still a profession today, so many artists did it, and the world is still needing them. Every artist arrived in peak is joined to each other for his/her passion and his/her strong will. 

The artist who made it, has never gave up. No matter how, no matter how long, no matter how difficult. 

These are the real few secrets to realize the Dream. 
If you aim this dream, you’ll be aware of difficulties, obstacles and failures, but if you go on you’ll find some satisfactions and good results, too. That’s why we decided to launch this campaign.

The purpose of “Never Give Up” project is to give more strenght and support to emerging artists who follow their dream, through the example of who did it or sharing the struggle with other artists over there.

So, we want to thank artists who believed and supported this project with their photos and we want to invite everybody wants (artist or not) to join this cause, sending us a photo with “Never Give Up” written in.

Thank you all and remember to NEVER GIVE UP!!! 


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Thanks to: 

Christophe Drochon
Eliseo Coloma Ferrandiz
Tero Isokääntä
Cielo Juàrez

José Higuera
Young-Sung Kim
Donatella Marcatajo
Daniela Montanari
Eloy Morales
Omar Ortiz
Gabriele Erno Palandri

Italia Ruotolo
Magda Torrez
Modesto Trigo Trigo

Johannes Wessmark
Antonio Cazorla



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