Nature and clothes textures in Amy Laskin’s worlds

Amy Laskin is a Jamaican based artist.
She gives life to spectacular paintings in which she mixes landscape and still life by creating something really new and outstanding. She’s able to paint amazing and very detailed wild landscapes as the only subject, using them, sometimes, as backgrounds to wonderful compositions made with period clothed and colored flowers. She creates a surreal world in which nature and textures are perfectly matched and complement each other.

Watching at her paintings you immediately see the uniqueness of them, you are impressed by the moltitude of details both in the background landscape and in the main subject when you surprisingly find a clothe entity at the center of the scene. The amazing thing is the perfect equilibrium in the visionary scenario she paints, where any subject is esalted by the other elements without any conflict, though the contrast of overlapped different subjects.

This is how she describes her art in our 4th issue of Hyperrealism Magazine: “My paintings often focus on an anonymous non representational figure comprised of natural elements and unusual combinations. I am interested in decorative language and the assemblage of forms which are placed in a natural worldly environment. Ostensibly, these combinations are of a surrealistic and mythical nature presented in a cogent way to suggest something phantasmagorical. I like to observe the natural world and honor mystery. It seems more and more important with the tragic warming of our planet, declining populations of plant and animal species and environmental disasters… I see human kind and the natural world as a unified whole and intricately interconnected. Through the visual play of forms and shapes I like to draw relationships to unrelated elements. I’m hoping to engage the viewer and encourage them to dream. In retrospect I often see the entities in my work as self portraits and the celebration of womankind. This was not a conscious decision though.

You can view more of her art and read the article about on the Hyperrealism Magazine #4:

Her work is represented by Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago.


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    amazed, to see such wonderful work,


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