Matthew Shutt’s Superheroes

Matthew Shutt is a UK based artist, who creates photorealistic paintings, mostly about a very particular and topical theme: the superheroes universe. His work unifies the imaginary world, already present in comics and movies, with a reality often too much concrete and hard. He uses a child’s point of view in his compositions to both represent the perception he had of the life when he was younger and also that of his own children today. This need to recreate a sensation of life simpler, more joyful, colourful and carefree is the focal point of his paintings.

About this choice, Matthew Shutt said: “The action figure toy, for me, is the most compelling image that defines my life since I can remember and the limitless situations it can be integrated with mundane ordinary objects is fascinating and fuels my obsession. Added together, this gives a different dynamic within my work and style and changes the narrative viewpoint amidst its complexity and perception yet it retains the simplicity it was allowed back when I was younger“.

We can often see in his paintings some art books on the background, behind the action figures; these everyday life objects represent his passion for studying art and the history of realism, especially with regard to hyperrealism, that he loves since he knew the work of Chuck Close, as he told us in the interview for Hyperrealism Magazine:
“I had always drawn and painted in a realistic way since I was young, but it wasn’t until I went to University in 2007 that I became aware of the term” Hyperrealism”. I was browsing in the library when I stumbled upon a book by Chuck Close that had his famous ‘Big Self Portrait’ on the front cover. I thought it was a photograph and I looked inside to find it was actually a painting. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I read the whole book there and then. I was absolutely gob smacked and became obsessed from that moment on.”

You can read the entire interview of Matthew Shutt in the Hyperrealism Magazine #2:



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