Hyperrealism Magazine #9 – December 2019

HM #9 – December 2019

Hello everyone and enjoy your Holidays! As a present this year, we’re thrilled to present you this fantastic new issue of Hyperrealism Magazine!!! As usual, there are interviews with outstanding talented artists of whom you can deepen their art, such as Daniel Brici and his amazing “incomplete” paintings inspired by neglected Romanian children and the social and political aspects around them, Jesse Lane and his contrasting pastel drawings among solitude and imaginative realism, Jane Jones and her strong connection with nature and above all her flowers she grows herself, Brian O’Neill with his extraordinary equilibrium between realism and abstractionism, Sergey Piskunov and his outstanding hyperrealistic portraits, and the personal still-lifes of George A. Gonzalez.

We also talked about the fine line between representation of landscapes and portraits in Micheal Weiss‘ paintings, recollecting the naturalistic scenes of Francesco Lojacono; the art of Lesley Thiel that reminds us of an evolving mix of William Bouguereau and Pre-Raphaelits; and the psychological side of Sebastian Nasta‘s portraits with whom we see a connection with two of the most original contemporary hyperrealist painters, Eley and Morales.

For our “Tea with…” we talked with the marvelous Jaclyn Garlock who told us about her art, her fantastic community in Iowa who is always an inspiration for her new paintings, and her future projects dedicated to ordinary tasks of women in society. We assure, this is an exclusive exciting content that you won’t miss for the world!

We’ll also discover the art of some artists we’re going to know better in the next issues: Tracy Frein and his terrific black and white drawings, and Cher Pruys who will emotion us with her delicate and beautiful paintings. We’ll also enjoy and discover the new art of Gerd Lieder who we’ve already known and loved in some past issue, Frank Haseloff‘s paintings fully dedicated to California’s specifics and American iconic cars, and Neil Pretty‘s pastel portraits who emerge from the deepest dark.

About our exclusive content, you’ll find the celebration of Claudio Bravo Camus, a contemporary hyperrealist painter to whom Google has dedicated its doodle this year and we discover more of his art and biography. And as an additional gift, for our “Best of HM“, we’ll read again our exclusive interview to Eloy Morales to enjoy once more his breathtaking portraits that are famous worldwide for their extraordinarity.

Back cover featuring Eloy Morales Workshop in Madrid

All this and many other exclusive contents in this outstanding issue no.9 of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!


Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly 
Pages: 92
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