Hyperrealism Magazine #8 – September issue

Hyperrealism Magazine #8

We’re so excited to present you this fantastic new issue of Hyperrealism Magazine!!! There are interviews with outstanding talented artists, such as Sebastian Nasta, who surprises us with his beautiful portraits and their hidden meanings, Michael Weiss and his peculiar artworks inspired by nature and love for details, Lesley Thiel who fascinates us with her emotional portraits committed to strong themes such as climate change and women’s rights, J.B. Okumu with his graphite works dedicated to his beautiful country, Kenya, and Paco Martin with his incredible colourful still-life.

We also talked about the particular scenes by Jaclyn Garlock that remind us of Caravaggio and his search of the perfect light, Jackson Lee with his Hong Kong scenarios that made us think of the French realist painter Millet, James Earley and his moving portraits of homeless and refugees with whom we created a connection with the huge Gottfried Helnwein, and Carina Francioso and her amazing seascapes that we related with a deep pride to the artworks by Piero Guccione, who recently passed away.

For our “Tea with…” we met the legendary Carole Feuerman, who talked with us about the incredible beginnings of Hyperrealism and her struggling but wonderful artistic path. She’s a true inspiration and an amazing strong woman artist, we’ve been so lucky to have met her and we believe you’ll be enthusiastic too reading her exclusive interview!

We also discover the art of some artists we’re going to know better in the next issues: the amazing art of Jesse Lane, Sergey Piskunov and his terrific portraits, Jane Jones with her delicate beautiful flowers and Daniel Brici, who amazes us with his original portraits. And last but not least, we enjoy the talented Brett Wagner and his black and white drawings, and the elegant and graceful portraits by Ginny Page.

You’ll also find two exclusive contents in this number: the first one dedicated to the figure of the tormented artist who goes beyond the appearences and the second one to the great travelling exhibition “Reshaped Reality” about the most talented sculptors in the Hyperrealistic movement of everytime.

And to finish, on our back cover you’ll find the poster of Kit King solo exhibition, that will start from September 27, 2019 till January 5, 2020 at Benjamin Eck Projects, in Munich, Germany. Really a must-attend event for everyone in the area and a rare occasion to see the art of Kit King in Europe!

Kit King solo exhibition at Benjamin Eck Projects, Munich, Germany.

All this and many other exclusive contents in this outstanding issue no.8 of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!


Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly

Pages: 90

Digital and print version will be officially out on September 20th. (10% off)



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