Hyperrealism Magazine #23 – December 2023

Hi there!
You are going to read our last HM issue.
These have been wonderful years, full of amazing experiences, and now it is time to move on for all of us.
We had the pleasure of sharing with you some of our fondest memories and hope you enjoyed reliving them with us.

This was an incredible journey!
We have been so lucky to share these six long years with so many talented artists. We also got in touch with gallerists, dealers, collectors and many other art professionals. We loved meeting many art lovers and amateurs, too. We will keep wonderful memories and emotions.

This magazine was made up of people.
What we wanted to do with our magazine was to give emphasis to all the stories of the artists we have published during all these years. We have never been a simple showcase for images, as we promised. We shared stories, we made interviews and reviews of artworks, we even stepped back sometimes, giving the floor to our featured artists. Behind every artwork there is a story, a process, a meaning, and behind every artist there is a person with a unique path and life. And all these things were what mattered most to us.
We have been knowing people from many different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, different opportunities and achievements, different styles and ideas about their personal meaning of art.

We appreciate the many years of support we have faithfully received and wish everyone a bright and successful future in the art.

Thank you,

Claus Word and Donatella Marcatajo, founders of Hyperrealism Magazine.


Featured artists & some of our best past content:

Cher Pruys
Gottfried Helnwein
Jacques Bodin
Brad Kunkle
Hyperrealistic Street Art
Chris Klein
Alyssa Monks
Lara Restelli
Sergey Piskunov
Brian O’Neill
Covid-19 & Art
Frank Bernarducci

Cover: Gottfried Helnwein (photo by HM, Venice 2021)
Back cover: all HM cover issues from 2018 to 2023.

Language: English
Frequency: this is the last HM issue.
Pages: 104

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