Hyperrealism Magazine #14 – March 2021

Hyperrealism Magazine #14 – March issue. Cover Artist: Antonios Aspromourgos

Spring is around the corner and we’re ready for a new incredible issue.
Let’s talk about what you’re going to find out in this forthcoming March issue!

On our overture article we talked about Mark Cross and his uncontaminated paradises of New Zealand, illustrating the purest beauty at the service of the preservation of our planet.

You will also find interesting interviews with amazing artists: Daniela Velez and her contrasting still-lifes between darkness and colors; Preston Anderson with his surrealist worlds; Brandy Kraft and her outstanding and unique hybrid flowers; Jose Ramon Muro Pereg with his amazing multifaceted art; Elaine Twiss and her hyper-detailed artworks about everyday life objects.

You will find some brilliant articles that make connections between artists from the past and contemporary artists, such as Anne-Marie Zanetti and the beautiful pureness she conveys in her nude art; George Gonzalez with his peculiar modern minimal still-lifes; Pippa Hale-Lynch, who explores the meditative part of the solitude; Francis Gingras and his extraordinary mixture of qualities; Cher Pruys and her marvelous cheerful children portraits that warm up our hearts; Sergey Piskunov who illustrates women once again in their dichotomy between fragility and strength.

For our Tea with… we had the greatest pleasure to talk with Antonios Aspromourgos, who told us his life full of changes and successes and lead us through the incredible and amazing painted path of his art.

We have also a little surprise for you, some new sections dedicated to other fantastic artists:
Frank Haseloff introduce us to his astonishing Car Portraits.
Coffee with Chris Klein, who told us all his incredible exciting projects, including a collaboration with Disney and so much more has to come!
Art according to… Lara Restelli and Brian O’Neill, who explain us their personal meaning about art and making art.
In Artist takes the floor, Daniel Goldenberg describes some of his paintings that will be exhibited in Copenhagen from March 25th.

We’ll also give you a sneak-peek at some artists we’re going to know better on the next issues, such as David V Wheeler and his incredible scenes; Jennifer Egista Milani with her impactful Venetian masks; Donatella Marcatajo, who explores the meanderings of inner soul and depression; Rogerio Peixoto and his multifaceted artworks; Kiara Peelman with her disturbing and meaningful portraits.

For our back cover, we’ve featured Daniel Goldenberg‘s exhibition in Bredgade Kunsthandel, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Back cover featuring Daniel Goldenberg’s exhibition.

Once again we hope we can keep you company and ease you of the burden we are all still carrying on our shoulders in this difficult moment.

Enjoy reading!


Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly
Pages: 126

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