Hyperrealism Magazine #11 -June 2020

Cover artist: Brad Kunkle

Summer is around the corner and we’re ready to enjoy it with this fresh new issue! Let’s leave behind dark times of this winter and get positive for a golden summer.

Let’s talk about what you’re going to find in this June issue!

On our overture article we’ve inevitably talked about this unexpected and global period of stagnation and lockdown due to Covid-19: the encountered problems and difficulties, but we’ve also noticed all the positive things happened in the art world in this period, such as solidal initiatives, generous artists and galleries’ profits for charities, free and online workshops by amazing artists, murales and artworks dedicated to this new reality and our silent heroes who’re struggling in first line against this virus. We’re all in this together!

You’ll find some interviews with amazing artists, such as Andrei Tudoran and his stunning “glitched” paintings, Laurence Saunois and her deep love for nature, animals and plants, John Sharp and his fascination for abandoned objects and places, John Schaeffer who leads us in a world of reflections through his cars and motorcycles paintings, Geraldine Simmons and her incredible experiences for the conservation of wildlife habitat, Irene Georgopoulou and her return to childhood’s lightheartedness, Maria Villioti and her passion for portraying real life, Lara Restelli wih her awesome abstract pebbles, Francis Marte and his incredibly realistic watercolours.

We’ve also talked about the art of Cher Pruys mostly inspired by planes and aviation, Paola Boni who brings comics in painting, Tracy Frein and the fragile inner world of his subjects, Ayo Filade and his research for expressivity in hands.

For our Tea with… we’ve been so lucky to talk with Brad Kunkle, who told us his interesting creation process, his career and beginnings, giving some useful piece of advice to emerging artists, and gave us some sneak peek at his solo exhibition at Arcadia Gallery, opened this June 13th.
On the occasion, we’ve also talked with Steve Diamant, owner and director of Arcadia Contemporary Gallery, with whom we’ve explored new possibilities for art world after this strange period. We’ve also asked him what an emerging artist must have to get a chance in his marvelous gallery, so every artist out there, listen up!

We’ll also discover the art of some artists we’re going to know better in the next issues: Antonios Aspromourgos and his stunning colourful paintings and Sergey Piskunov who’ll amaze us with his new series of artworks!

For our back cover, we’ve featured one of our favourite artists, Jaclyn Garlock, who’s been with us during all this year, and who talked with us about her art, future programs and ideas.

All this and many other exclusive contents in this outstanding issue no.10 of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!


Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly
Pages: 120 

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