Hyperrealism Magazine #10 – March 2020

Hello there! Even though we are currently experiencing dark times all over the world, we want to maintain positivity to combat growing anxiety and we must focus on the fact that our normalcy will return soon, everything will be fine in the end, and when all this is behind us, we will have to look at our lives with a new and grateful eye. For our part, we are here to give you moments of light-heartedness and fun.
With this tenth issue, we celebrate the three years of Hyperrealism Magazine! We are so grateful to all our readers and followers, artists and art professionals who support us. Thank you!

Let’s talk about this new issue!
As usual, in this number there are interviews with outstanding talented artists of whom you can deepen their art, such as Tracy Frein and his delicate drawings dedicated to many sensitive themes such as mental illness, Ayo Filade and his extraordinary works, mostly focused on Nigeria’s issues, Paola Boni who we’ve already know in some of the previous issues and presents all her new beautiful paintings and her launched career, Cher Pruys who talked with us about her passions ever present in her paintings such as aviation, Marc Jones, too, has a lot of passions that puts in his works for example motorsports, and, last but not least, Carina Francioso who chatted with us about her remarkable last year full of great satisfactions and projects for the near future.

We also talked about Daniel Brici and his amazing “incomplete” paintings inspired by neglected Romanian children and the social and political aspects around them who remembered us many artists engaged in social issues such as Gottfried Helnwein and Banksy; Jaclyn Garlock and her outstanding original paintings in a brilliant mix of pop art, photorealism and hyperrealism, Jesse Lane and his contrasting pastel drawings among solitude and imaginative realism who, with his lights made us think of Gherardo delle Notti and Caravaggio, Jane Jones and the opulence of her flowers, Brian O’Neill with his extraordinary equilibrium between realism and abstractionism who inspired us to rediscover the Lyrical Abstraction of the last century, and Sergey Piskunov and his outstanding hyperrealistic portraits which enhance the beauty of women as Anna Halldin-Maule does.

For our “Tea with…” we talked with Thierry Duval, also the extraordinary cover artist of this issue. He chatted with us about his complexe technique made only with watercolors to obtain the incredible realism of his paintings and who give some piece of advice to new generation of artists. This is an exclusive exciting content that you won’t miss for the world!

We’ll also discover the art of some artists we’re going to know better in the next issues: Lara Restelli and her formidable paintings of rocks, symbols of beauty and permanence, Laurence Saunois who will emotion us with her magnificient animal paintings, Maria Villioti and her beautiful portraits, Andrei Tudoran with his original “glitched” artworks and Irene Georgopoulou, who will present her new fantastic works. We’ll also enjoy and discover Frank Haseloff‘s paintings fully dedicated to California’s specifics and American iconic cars.

For the first time we want to give a sneak peek at our next June issue: we’ll have the honour to talk with Brad Kunkle and Steve Diamant from Arcadia Gallery on the occasion of Brad’s forthcoming solo exhibition, which will be held soon at Arcadia Gallery precisely! We’re over the moon for this precious occasion and we really wanted to share it with all of you.
On the back cover you’ll find the poster of this amazing exhibition, courtesy of Arcadia Gallery.

All this and many other exclusive contents in this outstanding issue no.10 of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!

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