Hyperrealism Magazine no.21 – December issue

We feel compelled to open this new issue with a sensitive and moving invocation by our Ukrainian cover artist Sergey Piskunov:

“I ask you not to get used to what is happening in Ukraine, not to get used to the idea that war is something ordinary.”

Indeed, war is not something ordinary in any place of this earth and in these festive times our thoughts can’t help but to go to the innocent people who are struggling for their life and for their own rights out there, in Ukraine, Iran, Siria, Afghanistan… We must not get used to these atrocities against human beings. We must not forget any of these people. If you cannot do more, just talk about it, get informed and spread the word. Social medias and internet gave us the power and the priceless freedom to stay connected.

What you’re going to find in this forthcoming issue, other than the entire interview with Sergey Piskunov:

Featured artists:

Allan Gorman
Christophe Drochon
Barbara Sirtoli
Stephanie Schechter
Sergey Piskunov
Jacques Bodin
Cher Pruys
Bernard Prillieux
Anne Moses
Elaine Twiss
Tracy Frein
Dani Brici

Tea with… Sergey Piskunov
Back cover: Exhibition “L’Hyperrealisme – Plus Vrai Que Nature”
Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly > Biannual (next issue in June 2023)
Pages: 118

On our back cover, we’ve featured a very interesting event which will take place in France exhibiting many awesome hyperrealist artists: Stéphane Barret, Hervé Bernard, Cécile Bisciglia, Jacques Bodin, Ronald Bowen, François Bricq, Christoph Eberle, Odile Ferron Verron, Patrick Fleurion, Hubert De Lartigue, Agnès Lefevre, Jurgen Lingl, Dominique Mulhem, Marco Picci, Bernie Prillieux, Jean Bernard Pouchous, Frederic Retornaz, Arnaud Roussel, Didier Vallé, Agathe Vershaffel. If you’re nearby, don’t miss this event!!!

From February 3 to February 25, 2023
Hôtel de Ville, Levallois-Perret (FR)

Digital and printed version are now out at a special price!




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