HyperNotes© is the exclusive notes series by HM with original hyperrealistic
covers handmade by emerging artists!
Every cover is an original oil painting, granteed and certified
by Hyperrealism Magazine.
Purchase an HyperNotes and support emerging art!
It’s a Never Give Up Project.
Now you could have an original hyperrealistic painting always with you by
helping emerging talents in their artistic path.


Drops (sample)

Bubble Wrap (sample)


Choose your favourite model and order it with an email to: iperrealismo@hotmail.com

Price: €59 (free shipping)


Each piece is original and handmade and it’ll be created at the time of the order (1-2 weeks), since it’s handmade the final product could be a little different from the photo sample.
It could be customized on request. More samples to come.