Daniel Brici and the words of children left unspoken

Art is a powerful means of awakening people’s dormant consciences and drawing attention to important issues. Whenever we talk about serious social problems, we talk about children, the weakest ones, the most innocent ones, those whose future is stolen, and artists are always on the front lines to defend their rights.

The young Romanian artist Daniel Brici is committed to defending their rights in his country and he has dedicated a whole series of works to “the invisible kids“, trying to give a voice and a face to neglected children of the Romanian suburban society. Through his creative process, Brici tries to make sure that “invisible” children can now be known and seen through works of art, even if in real life some of them don’t even have an identity document.

Starting from 2009, Brici dedicates most of his works to these kids, who come from the countryside or from the suburbs, living among them and trying to get adequate attention for them. He paints in a realistic way using an “un-finished” effect, creating suggestive works where detailed parts contrast with sketched ones.

We can see many meanings in this choice: it may seem that the invisible becomes visible in front of the observer’s eye or as an urge to demonstrate the existence of this child whose life and future have been swallowed up in indifference. One of his most touching artworks is “Toto and his sisters“, that was commis-sioned in 2014 to repre-sent the poster of the
homonymous internationally award-winning documentary film directed by
Alexander Nanau.

“I can say that by this method of representation affirmed as an artist. I combine the pencil drawing with areas painted in black and white and color, in which certain parts of the works remain in the form of a contour and free spaces. In this form I involve the viewer directly, I invite him to imagine each in his own way to continue the work. The works are not ended, I leave everything to the viewer’s choice.”

– Daniel Brici



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