Costume Design meets Fine Arts in Chris Klein’s paintings

Chris Klein is a British artist who creates amazing hyperrealistic artworks reproducing in his paintings original costumes from Hollywood films and Broadway and other theatre shows. He is also a scenic artist, working for many years for major Hollywood and Broadway productions. Thanks to this, he can use as references for his paintings the original clothes, worn by the actors for the performances.

“Working in cinema is always fun, some of the sets can be the most amazing fantasy scenes, you can just step through a door and you’re in another world.”

Most of the subjects he portrays are period costumes, characterized by precious fabrics, riches of fine details, embroidered decorations, draperies, brocade, satin or silk textiles.
Klein’s artworks are very unique; finding yourself in front of them is like entering in contact with a piece of cinema and theatre history.


This is how he describes his way of painting in our 4th issue of Hyperrealism Magazine:
“My early costumes are quite loose, clear brushstrokes from a few feet away. But over time I always paint finer and finer detail. I sometimes fight against it but it’s a natural instinct to go in that direction.
Although I use airguns and airbrushes I’ve kept away from them on my own work, I like the brush for my own painting, you can reproduce most “textures” quite well with a brush.
Many years ago I used oils but moved on to acrylics. I like that they dry fast and it’s easy to add retarder to prolong use and to blend. I also apply glazes, building up translucent lay-ers giving “depth” to certain fabrics.”



You can read the entire interview with Chris on the Hyperrealism Magazine #4:

Chris Klein work is now represented by Bernarducci Gallery in New York.



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