Carina Francioso at ARC Vision 2019

Carina Francioso, Canadian artist, is the recipient of the Art Renewal Center/Arcadia Contemporary Gallery Award. Some of her recent works are now exhibited at Arcadia Contemporary Gallery, California, US, until March 2nd.

“The Adriatic Glistens”, oil on wood panel, 16 x 20 in

The paintings that Carina has presented in the occasion of the Arc Vision 2019 at Arcadia Gallery are simply breathtaking.
She has created a complete portrait of the sea, viewed from all the different viewpoints that characterizes it.
She makes us feel peaceful sensations in the small work titled “The Adriatic Glistens“, where the monochromatic shades of the blue scale with white sparkles create a sort of abstract form.

“Sotto Lo Stesso Sole (Under The Same Sun)”, oil on wood panel, 45 x 50 in

The sun reflects itself in her painting “Sotto Lo Stesso Sole (Under The Same Sun)“, spreading its golden light everywhere on the scene and creating a meditative and hypnotic movement. Feelings are totally different in “Remembering Ka’anapali“, in which with different perspective and colours, Carina shows a wave that breaks to the shore, giving us even the illusory feeling of perceiving the sound of the sea.

“Remembering Ka’anapali”, oil on canvas, 25 x 68 in

This path leads us to what we can define her masterpiece: “Il Soffio della Vita“, a monumental two canvas diptych to which she worked for a whole year, giving every part of herself to this piece and proving herself as an artist. In this work you can see tumultuous waves that reveal the power of the sea in all its wild nature.

“Il Soffio Della Vita (The Breath Of Life)”, oil on two canvas, 102 x 68 in

“The different states of water reflect our daily lives and emotions; at times serene, fluid and calm, other times stormy, chaotic and filled with confusion”.

Carina Francioso
arcadia contemporary gallery February 16th to March 2nd


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