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Dominique Houard & the magic of trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil is an art technique born in ancient times and that uses a realistic impact to create a three-dimensional optical illusion. Its aim is to deceive the viewer eye with a mix of mastery perspective and chiaroscuro, disposing objects with a profondity effect or creating a totally new dimension. Every art’s passionate will remember the oculus on the ceiling…

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The Hong Kong tradition in Jackson Lee

Jackson Lee is a Hong Kong based artist whose aim is to show his city “in a better light” through his artistic talent. He is a very skilful painter, able to use acrylic and oil colors with great mastery, achieving the same high level of realism with both of them. His work is focused prevalently on the old Hong Kong,…

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Photorealism by Erwin Moore

The realism field is ever more expanded and full of styles and different techniques. Today, many artists follow their own personal process to achieve a realistic result, by diverging from the working phases of the classical realism. Erwin Moore creates his hyperrealistic oil on canvas, by mixing together various styles with his strong brush strokes. He plays with lights and…

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