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The Importance of Being Alternative

“Alternative Realism Project” is an original idea by Hyperrealism Magazine. © Photorealism, as we know, was born at the end of 60’s in US and has recently turned 50. This movement has broken the rules of the XX century’s art, bringing back the realism in the modern era and depicting a well-placed historic period. In this way, following the Pop…

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Hyperrealism Magazine #3

The third issue of Hyperrealism Magazine is finally here! We’re so excited to share with you all the amazing contents of this issue. We’ve been so lucky to talk with Frank Bernarducci, one of the most important art dealer in the Hyperrealism Art field and owner of the most famous Bernarducci Gallery, inaugurating our new and exclusive section “The Dealer’s…

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  Over the years we have contribuited to promote many talented artists. We started many initiatives of which we are proud, like NEVER GIVE UP, and giving visibility both emerging and established artists. Now we want to do more to spread Hyperrealistic culture… Hyperrealism Magazine will be the first magazine fully dedicated to the world of contemporary realism. Our mission…

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