The HM Membership is € 90.00 per year (including taxes)

Members’s benifits:

– Permanent Space On Our Website: be part of the Hyperrealism Gallery and join the best worldwide hyperrealist artists (3 artworks)!

– Career Counseling: receive customized advice and guidance by the HM staff.

– Free Open Call: exclusive opportunities to participate in the selections for invitational exhibitions in top leading galleries without paying any additional costs.

– Social Media Advertising: share your best artworks in the HM social media pages and show your work to our 10000+ audience. (at least 3 artworks during the year)

– Opportunity Alert: keep informed about the best contests, calls and opportunities by the professional art field.

– Free Monthly Contests: the best artworks will be selected for a free publication on Hyperrealism Magazine issues during the year. (at least one artwork full-page for artist on one single issue during the year)

Become a member of the first and only magazine fully dedicated to the contemporary realism!
Hyperrealism Magazine works to be a worldwide reference: a springboard for emerging artists, a generator of opportunities for mid-careers, a spotlight for the greatest artists and, at the same time, a guide for new collectors and gallery owners looking for news.
The HM Membership offers special benefits to its members.
  • Take the chance to be shown to our exclusive readership with the top leading galleries all over the world.
  • Reach a 10000+ audience on our social media pages.
  • Take part to monthly contests.
  • Get access to exclusive projects for talented artists.
  • Receive personal and customized advice about career development.



Membership can be paid only through Paypal, with a Paypal account or a card, no check or wire and bank transfer.
Annual dues are for 12 full calendar months and are automatically renowable.
Membership is not refundable under any circumstances.
All the artworks shown must be original 100% handmade artworks, no photomanipulations, no prints, no painting on prints, HM reserves the right to revoke membership at any time, without refund, or to not renew membership in case of fake paintings.