Hyperrealism Magazine #12 – September 2020

HM #12 – September issue

It’s time for a new Hyperrealism Magazine issue!!!
Let’s talk about what you’re going to find in this September issue!

On our overture article we’ve talked about the realism in the art history, long before the photorealistic era, where virtuosity touched an incredible technical level! Discover most known and less known artists of the past.

You’ll find some interviews with amazing artists: Hiroshi Hayakawa with his “Vanitas” focused on the caducity and beauty of life, Michael Ward and his “mystery of the ordinary”, Tanya Atanasova with her deep emotional portraits, and Sergey Piskunov who’ll amaze us with his new series of artworks!

You’ll find some brilliant articles about some artists, such as Lara Restelli with her awesome stones, Antonios Aspromourgos and his stunning colourful still-lifes, John Schaeffer who leads us in a world of reflections through his cars and motorcycles paintings, Laurence Saunois and her deep love for nature and animals, Andrei Tudoran and his stunning “glitched” paintings, Maria Villioti and her passion for portraying real life and Irene Georgopoulou with her childhood’s lightheartedness.

For our Tea with… we’ve been so lucky to talk with Joel Rea, who told us about his passion for Surrealism and Hyperrealism, the influence that the Australian coastline of his childhood had on his formation and his exciting new projects!

We’ll also discover the art of some artists we’re going to know better on the next issues: Sharon SS Kow and her pastel works, Pippa Hale-Lynch with her beautiful portraits, Francis Gingras and his incredible artworks and Anne-Marie Zanetti with her gorgeous masterpieces.

For our back cover, we’ve featured one of Carole Feuerman‘s sculptures that are currently exhibited in the exhibition ¿LEBENSECHT? Hyperrealistische Skulpturen at the Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany.

All this and many other exclusive contents in this outstanding issue no.12 of Hyperrealism Magazine!
Enjoy the reading!


Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly

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